Using Fabrics to Enhance Your Home Decorating Project

When you begin to start your home decorating project, you will realize the important role that fabric will play in the overall plan. Fabrics are an essential part of creating the theme of the room. The right fabrics can turn an otherwise bland room into a haven of comfort and it will become an inviting place to spend your time.

Choose a Theme

In choosing the theme for your room, keep in mind the use you have in mind for the room. Will it be casual or formal? Is it for personal use or will there be guests invited in? There are many home decorating magazines from which you can get countless ideas. Find your ideal room, or several that have areas that you like. Notice the styles and colors of the fabrics used. Cut out the areas you like; the colors, fabrics, furniture, rugs, etc. and make a notebook. Take your notebook with you and go to a fabric store. Look around and find similar fabrics, put samples in your notebook.

If you have chosen a Victorian style for your theme, you will find that burgundy, pink, blue and green are used in velvets and rich looking brocades. These fabrics are used for drapes, upholstery, cushions, slip covers, even bedding. Victorian home decorating style also shows numerous types of trim, such as lace and ribbons.

If you like an Italian style Tuscan look, damasks, woven textures in warm reds and golds, with terracotta and olive or sage green will impart a traditional look. There are many different home decorating choices in this style. Try some stripes, the old style look of florals and vegetable motifs to impart your own version of the décor.

Enhance your existing style

Even if you do not want to change the style of your room, you can use many home decorating tricks to freshen it up. A few new pictures, a lamp or two and throw pillows. Take pictures of the room with you into a fabric store and look around for something that calls out to you. Choose easy care fabric if it is a family style room. Fabric such as cotton comes in all kind of thicknesses and weaves. Try some exotic fabrics and use them in ways they were not originally intended. Find a remnant of an especially expensive fabric and frame it. Use light weight piece of carpet as a table or piano cover. There are a myriad of ways to use fabrics in your home decorating that will impart a unique yet personal touch to the decor.